Ready for a break when you are

Convini – great food & coffee at work

Getting great food at work should be easy, from choosing a solution for your workplace, to buying good food and drinks when hunger sets in.

Convini is here to help and can offer a wide range of delicious food, salads, ready-made meals, sandwiches and much more – all of which can be tailored to your needs. We handle the installation and stocking of all the required equipment. So you can rest easy if you forget your lunchbox, fancy a second breakfast or just want a boost when you feel that afternoon slump coming on.

Trust your gut feeling

Convini grew from us asking the simple question - How can we make people’s workplaces better? We quickly realised that a happy stomach was essential to wellbeing. So is taking a break every now and then. By combining these two ideas we developed a unique workplace food solution.

5 reasons to choose Convini

  • You get a complete solution covering everything from breakfasts and lunches to drinks and snacks

  • Your employees will enjoy a simpler better working experience and have more time for fun

  • You’ll be increasing on-the-job satisfaction and promoting interaction between staff members

  • You’ll receive a great selection of foods at reasonable prices

  • We handle restocking. You just sit back and relax!

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