How it all works

Convini in 3 easy steps


You choose

Food, coffee, fruit – or all of the above? We put together a solution tailored to your needs.


We install

We install self service fridges, freezers with a built-in payment system and coffee machines and make sure they are always fully restocked. 


You shop

You and your colleagues choose and purchase products either with the Convini app or card.

You only pay for what you want

At Convini we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead we aim to give people exactly what they want. Our system is tailored to your exact needs, meaning you receive only what you want – and you don’t pay for anything else.

Why Convini?

  • Great for creating healthier workplaces

  • Saves employees time

  • Provides easy access to both food and drinks

  • Keeps staff energy levels up throughout the day

  • A complete food-and-drink solution

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